HEY GUY MEDIA® is an award-winning production company with offices in Dallas, L.A. and New England. Every day, we create smart, unique, entertaining and top-quality content for EVERY MEDIA PLATFORM. And every day, we provide extraordinary service for EVERY SIZE CLIENT.


We know communicating with consumers is much more complicated these days. Marketing mediums have changed. Still, our single mission remains the same: TELL THE STORY. We create compelling content to elevate your brand so it has a direct, measurable impact on consumers. That’s why we offer a wide portfolio of services and products to meet your needs and ultimately help sell your product:

  • TV Commercial & Corporate Video Production
  • Digital, Mobile & Social Content
  • Animation, Design & Visual Effects
  • App Design & Execution
  • Website Design, Development & Management
  • Social Media Content Strategy & Campaigns
  • Marketing, Sales, Trade Show & Sizzle Reels
  • Satellite, Radio & Web Media Tours


“Cheaper” makes it sound like we cut corners, doesn’t it? Well, we don’t. EVER. We know our clients have to be nimble and more considerate with time and money these days. We work the same way. We spent years streamlining our entire production process to become agile, efficient and ultimately, less expensive.

Our reputation is ALWAYS on the line. We’ve don’t use retainers or long-term client contracts. No security blankets here and definitely NO “ONE-PRICE-FITS-ALL” POLICY. We usually operate project-by-project and trust the quality of work and our work ethic speak for themselves. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy and if we know our clients can walk away at any time, you can bet it keeps our entire team on their toes. In the end, you get exceptional, meaningful content, with maximum return, at the lowest possible price.


Our team is just as eclectic and diverse as our roster of clients. We stocked our offices with smart, ambitious and award-winning leaders from news, entertainment, advertising, design and public relations. But at our core, we’re storytellers: filmmakers, creative directors, photographers, writers, web developers, marketers and social media Sherpas.

Our tech partners are trailblazers in the digital, mobile and social media landscapes, earning Preferred Developer status from both Apple and Facebook. We embrace and use the latest, fastest technology and we’re constantly discovering new efficiencies. So much so, that we invest in those that share our philosophy of pushing the boundaries. The Public Relations Society of America even honored our team for Outstanding Web Design and Achievement in Online Media.